Bridging Principles: Diversity education seminar

By Lindsay Advocate

Bridging Principles: Diversity education seminar

Did you know that companies with diverse management have higher profits than those that don’t, or that being around people who are different from you makes you smarter, more creative, and better able to solve problems?

Following the Lindsay and District Chamber of Commerce’s workshop series, “Welcome Diversity”, they are now launching The Bridging Principles a diversity communications seminar that shares five powerful “how to” principles for embracing diversity to create more inclusive and productive businesses and communities. Knowledge about diversity is only the first step towards creating dynamic businesses and communities that truly embrace the benefits of diversity.

In two half-day sessions, CEO Leah Taylor Best will help take your business to the next level by sharing proven and easily applicable “how-to” communication strategies for businesses to:

  • Encourage an inclusive and productive business & community environment
  • Better serve your diverse customers
  • Avoid miscommunication and respectfully resolve conflicts if they arise
  • Help our community embrace the benefits of diversity

Leah is a cultural anthropology professor born and raised in the Kawartha Lakes, with expertise in diversity communication, globalization, and creating highly productive, inclusive workspaces and communities.

For more information about the event, visit or connect with Colleen Collins, executive director Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce at  or 705-324-2393.