Bench outside RMH in memory of Dr. Les Summers

By Lindsay Advocate

The location is perfect—it’s a welcoming spot near a colourful flowerbed, yet not far from the hustle and bustle of the Emergency Department at the Ross. The new bench is a fitting memorial for Dr. Les Summers, who was known for his kindness and his dedication to his patients and their families.

With his kind smile and his Scottish brogue, Dr. Summers made a happy impression on those he met. After his passing on January 15, his friends at the Ross wanted to ensure his memory continued to make a positive impression. Together, they raised funds to purchase the new bench, with the remainder of the funds supporting the Spring Appeal for X-ray enhancements.

Dr. Summers came to RMH in May 2002 as the first hospitalist caring for unattached inpatients. Under his strong leadership the Hospitalist program was developed. In 2002, Dr. Summers was responsible for up to 35 inpatients with other physicians filling in on weekends. By 2003 the program had grown to 60 – 70 inpatients and a part-time hospitalist was hired. The program continued to grow and now has six full time hospitalist lines and is responsible for managing up to 125 inpatients.

Over the years Dr. Summers held many leadership roles within the organization; some of which included Chief of Hospitalist Medicine, Clinical Director of Continuing Care, Chair of Health Records and Chair of Infection Control and Prevention, instrumental in developing collaborative Mental Health Program. In 2008, Dr. Summers was awarded the James Ross Award of Excellence.

Photo, L to R: (standing) Dr. Agnes Toth, Dr. Rishi Ramdass, Jill Neill, Dr. Sara-Lynn Francis, Dr. Sara Anwar, Dr. Mike Francis, Denise Ellis; (seated) Dr. Brent MacMillan, Laura Jezegou.

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