Award-winning facility management drawing company located in Lindsay

By Lindsay Advocate

Diane Waston, client success manager with Darryl Mitchell, co-CEO of DCM Inc.

Engineering drawings are the lifeblood of managing any facility. They guide the initial construction stage, instruct architects and provide important value for maintenance, planning and operations for the future. Managing and preserving these paper engineering drawings (blueprints) and/or digital drawings is a critical component of a facility’s health, productivity and safety.

Tammy Mitchell, marketing specialist at DCM Inc. in Lindsay, says facility managers are those essential workers who maintain and preserve some of the world’s most valued assets — buildings. Facility managers are “constantly solving building problems we didn’t know we had, in a way we don’t often understand,” she tells the Advocate.

Whether it’s the local recreational facility, hospital, school board, hotel, resort, apartment building, church, mall or community centre there is a facility manager working their magic. However, facility managers across the globe struggle with keeping their engineering drawings organized, up-to-date and accessible for their teams, due to staff turnover, lack of long-term planning or in-house facility management support.

DCM is removing this burden from facility managers by implementing a way to manage these drawings for their unique situation. “Our vision is to simplify the complicated world of engineering drawing management for facilities managers across the globe,” says Mitchell.

“Our strategy ensures they have the most accurate engineering drawing and gives them the ability to locate those drawings they need within seconds at the swipe of the screen.”

The Lindsay-based company has been doing just that for the vast University Health Network in Toronto since 2009, and recently took on the challenge of working with Columbia Sports Manufacturing. DCM is fresh off a win for the 2021 Canadian Business Awards in the category of Best Facility Management Document Conversion Management Company. To learn more, visit

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