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RMH nurses urge compassion and say ‘stay strong’ in pandemic’s expected final phase

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L to R: Lisa Falls, Katie Oliver, and Sandy Macey, registered nurses in the OR.

Lisa Falls always dreamed of becoming a nurse from the earliest age. An RN for 22 years at Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay, she says she has many great memories in her long career.

“Recently, we did surgery on one of my children’s old teachers, and I was lucky enough to be with her during her surgery. She made a blog post which mentioned how I was just like an angel when she was there in the operating room, and when she was about to go to sleep, she was so scared and I held her hand…It was just really nice. I was in tears,” reading that, says Falls.

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Lockdown: Small businesses scramble again to counter COVID and its variants

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Lindsay’s Ctrl V will be one of many businesses closed during the lockdown.

Another lockdown is upon Ontario due to an acceleration of COVID-19 variants – and two local businesses are facing different realities because of it.

At 1:30 this afternoon, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the lockdown will begin just after midnight on April 3. This will not be a stay-at-home lockdown. Schools will remain open but for at least the next four weeks, various local businesses are to be subjected to the similar sort of measures already in place in hotspot regions.

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Beekeeper says his job creates a lot of buzz, especially during COVID

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Beekeeper says his job creates a lot of buzz
Beekeeper Jerry Jerrard of Bobcaygeon.

For most people, spring means the usual seasonal transitions, like planting new seeds and storing away the heavy coats. For beekeeper Jerry Jerrard, he is getting ready to sell starter beehives, known as nucleus colonies, or ‘nucs’ for short, to those who want to become the owners of buzzing, furry, honey-producing bees of their own. He produces hundreds of nucs each year.

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City’s 10-year homeless plan aims for nearly 1,300 housing units

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City’s 10-year homeless plan aims for nearly 1,300 housing units

The City’s new 10-year homelessness plan, set to be complete by 2029, seeks to build as many as 1,280 new housing units for those with below-average income in Kawartha Lakes and 750 for the County of Haliburton.

It’s a goal that Michelle Corley, program supervisor at Housing Help for Kawartha Lakes and one of the 14 committee members who formed the plan, said was slowed down from the pandemic but still underway.

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Housing Hardship: Difficult to move forward in Fenelon Falls with housing supply so tight

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Jeremy Englestad is one of many Fenelon Falls residents who would benefit from a larger housing supply.

Jeremy Engelstad, 24, is a Fenelon Falls resident who has done several jobs while growing up in the village, including farm work, stacking wood, collecting garbage, and shelf stocking and cart gathering at Sobeys.

Lately, he’s been thinking that a job in construction or waste management is something he might like to try.

When it comes to taking all the steps of adulthood, however, his biggest dream is renting his own apartment – and that’s also his biggest challenge in a village where housing needs easily outstrip supply.

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Homeowners need to clear their snow, lawyer advises, to avoid lawsuits

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With more snow in the forecast for Kawartha Lakes, shovelling driveways might not be the most fun activity that the season brings. However, failure to do so, and making sure your property is reasonably safe, can cause legal headaches for homeowners.

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Some small businesses are paying a living wage — even during the pandemic

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As COVID-19 rages across Canada, now in a second wave, most businesses and workers have been affected in some way. Some people have lost their jobs. Countless others have had their hours cut. And while major grocery store chains, for a time, inched closer to a living wage (calling it a “temporary pay premium”) the extra pay was eventually revoked. 

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Local cinemas pin their spring hopes on successful vaccine

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Two local cinemas and the drive-in have all had rough journeys this year due to COVID-19, and yet all hope that next spring will be better with a viable vaccine.

Lindsay’s Century Theatre reopened on Aug. 14. The Lindsay Drive-In reopened earlier, on May 31, where they even tried some live concerts as opposed to just movie offerings. The Highlands Cinema in Kinmount has remained closed since Thanksgiving of 2019.

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Deer remains in ditches: How COVID-19 is increasing animal waste on our roads

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With hunting season in full swing there’s an uptick in the number of deer carcases, bones, or skins, littered around Kawartha Lakes’ rural roads.

While the littering of deer carcasses is not abnormal, there may be a COVID-related reason for the increased dumping this year.

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Rec Centre makes changes, drops pay-as-you-go option

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Since the Lindsay Recreation Complex reopened its doors on Aug. 31, there has been a major change in its policy. The drop-in pay-as-you-go option, allowing anyone to book time in the weight room or for a fitness class, has been eliminated, and non-members are no longer able to register for fitness classes. Residents must have either a corporate or individual membership, and they must register online.

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