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Richard is a mild-mannered software developer and network security consultant living in Lindsay. He is also a wannabe caped crusader for truth, social justice, and environmental consciousness raising. With a degree in Ecology, and several decades of riding the crest of the environmental wave, he believes the time has come to share his life-long personal struggle with the paradoxical forces of everyday living and grapple with the question of whether we are part of the solution, part of the problem, or both? Similar questioning souls are encouraged to join the discussion.

Reflections on the economy-ecology paradox

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Reflections on the economy-ecology paradox

In the 1960s, the inescapable logic of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock left an indelible mark on some TV viewers, including myself. “There are always alternatives,” he dead-panned in one episode, despite the fact that he and the starship crew were in the midst of a crisis that looked like certain doom.

Rachel Carson had just published “Silent Spring,” and started the environmental movement. Since then, the times have been a changin’ but they don’t seem to be a changin’ fast enough to put the brakes on the slow-motion ecological train wreck we appear to be the passengers on, and hear about with daily headlines.

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