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Earth Day 50 years on: It must not be business as usual

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Fifty years ago this week, 20 million people celebrated the first Earth Day.

They came together on April 22, 1970, concerned about how industrialization was damaging our health and the health of the planet. Leaded gas was causing brain damage. Pesticides were killing birds. A massive oil spill had recently devastated the coast of Santa Barbara, California., killing thousands of sea birds, as well as dolphins, seals and sea lions.

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Urgent: Province wants to hear your ideas for a made-in-Ontario Climate Plan

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Provincially, two of our largest sources of emissions are transportation and buildings.

The Ontario government recently scrapped the province’s Cap and Trade program and is now looking for suggestions, by Nov. 16, as to what they should replace it with. Replace it they must. In early October, the UN’s panel of climate scientists released a report warning that we have 12 years to limit warming to 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels (that’s .5 degrees more than our current warming level).

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