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Chantel Lawton

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Chantel Lawton has been offering services in Collaborative Law since 2012. She has completed specialized training to be able to offer this service to her client’s and has worked extensively with the local group, Kawartha Collaborative Practice, to expand the services available in the area. Chantel is the current chair of the local collaborative organization.

Dispute resolution options in the post-COVID-19 world:

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Meetings like this may not be possible now but using technology means we can still help.

I went home from work one night, in March 2020, as per usual leaving my to-do list for the next day on my desk.  The next day included the expected set of tasks in my work as a mediator, settlement professional, and lawyer which included calls with clients, settlement meetings, drafting documents etc.

But the next day was not business as usual and my list and expectations went out the window.

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Collaborative Law: A cost effective alternative to court

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Collaborative Law is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process used to resolve Family Law Matters without going to court. Couples who are separating or divorcing can resolve issues such as parenting, income sharing, and property division, by using the techniques of collaborative law. Matters are resolved without the use of a decision maker, such as a judge or an arbitrator. It is a voluntary process in which the separating spouses reach an agreement which is then documented in a binding Separation Agreement.

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