Andrew Veale believes in giving back to Woodville, Kawartha Lakes

By Roderick Benns

Andrew Veale knows he’s a fortunate man. Born and raised in Woodville, he has lived there all his life without ever needing to leave Kawartha Lakes for career opportunities, as many of his young contemporaries felt they had to do.

Veale, who manages and oversees both Lindsay Kia and Lindsay Buick GMC, is a fourth generation automotive man. He starting out washing cars and pumping gas at his family’s used vehicle dealership.

Over the years he became president of both the Woodville Legion and Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative. He was the past president of the Woodville Lions Club and Curling Club, and is still associated with the clubs.

His work with the Lions Club has benefited the village in many ways. With so many people moving in, building new homes, and then removing older-growth trees, the Lions Club recognized the need to do something. Over the last two years they have planted 100 maple trees around the village.

“I know I won’t see the benefit of that but my nieces and nephews and others will,” Veale says.

His work with the Lions Club has meant involvement in other key projects for the village, such as the park initiative for kids, and the Woodville Town Hall restoration that the club spearheaded.

“I like history. I think it’s important to maintain our buildings and our historical papers. How can you ever move forward if you don’t know where you came from?”

From a business perspective, Veale says he grew up seeing his family’s involvement in supporting the community and local events.

“The business people I know believe they have an obligation to give back,” he says, noting his own dealerships’ involvement in giving back to Ross Memorial Hospital, United Way, hospice, festivals, fairs, parades, and more.

Just as he feels fortunate to have been able to earn a living in Kawartha Lakes without leaving, Veale is also proud the dealerships can provide good jobs for more than 80 people.

“I think if the community succeeds, your business will succeed.”

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