Accessible doors improve Fenelon Medical Centre

By Lindsay Advocate

Business just picked up at the medical centre on Francis Street in Fenelon Falls. The City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team, working with building’s owner, has now installed power openers on the centre’s eight main doors.

“It was overdue,” says Mike Perry, executive director of the City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team. “This building was built over 30 years ago so it took time to get these installed.”

Patients had been struggling with the heavy metal doors, especially in the winter.

“It’s a necessity,” says Perry.

“People come to a medical clinic when they are not feeling well. Many are frail, so in addition to increasing accessibility these door openers help prevent injuries and falls which in turn help patients and the healthcare system. Accessibility is more than ramps,” he adds. Visible accessibility also raise awareness of disability issues in the community.

New patient Horace Ellens is thrilled with the new feature: “I have health issues which affect my balance,” he confides. “These easier doors means I don’t have to struggle with my cane and the door. I feel much more stable. That’s important.”

“Automatic power door openers are an effective universal design that enables access to buildings for people of all abilities, thereby enhancing the health and quality of life for everyone,” stated family health team Occupational Therapist Tanya Nye.

New patient Horace Ellens, with Mike Perry, shows off the newly-installed power door openers at the Fenelon Medical Centre. 

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