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We need to talk about cats

In June, Kawartha Lakes City Council voted to adopt a two-year stray and feral cat pilot program requiring pets to be licensed, prohibiting free-roaming cats beyond one’s private property, and increasing funds for current stray management.

Birds: With a little help from their friends

It’s not easy being a bird. Habitat loss, window collisions, cats, and the climate crisis are taking a terrible cumulative… Continue reading “Birds: With a little help from their friends”

Laughing like it’s 2019

If not for the entire staff and a half-dozen-at-most audience members wearing masks, this might seem like any pre-2020 comedy night.

Self-employment in Kawartha Lakes

Self-employment has been relatively stable in Kawartha Lakes over the previous two decades. Approximately 12 per cent of Kawartha Lakes’ workforce is self-employed, a category that analysts expect will remain vital to the local economy for the foreseeable future. 

Championship and household pet cat show to be held this month in Lindsay

The Canadian Cat Association presents a Championship and Household Pet cat show at the Commonwell Exhibition Building at the Lindsay Fairgrounds on April 23-24.

Young Lindsay woman’s career is blooming

Rebecca Anne Bloom is what we call a “creative” these days.

The Christmas gift challenge

When my daughter was nine, she failed to write her usual letter to Santa in September. Then, one month before the big day, she announced, “I want Santa to bring me a white costume like the one Victoria the cat wears in Cats.”