Basic income meals that brought people together conclude

By Lindsay Advocate

Wanting to support the former Basic Income recipients, The Salvation Army Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes Food Source and A Place Called Home partnered together to host four meals that would help connect recipients with local supports and to find and give support to others.

The meals were held once a month starting in May and ending in August; two were over lunch and two were over dinner.  The goal was to ensure all recipients had the opportunity to attend.  In total, just over 100 individuals attended the four meals.

In addition to the meals, local agencies were invited to share information on the services that they have available, and to answer any questions.  Thank you to the Community Legal Clinic, John Howard Society, Fleming College Academic Upgrading, Housing Help, Job Quest and Canadian Mental Health Association for attending.

Janet Rodin of The Salvation Army Lindsay, Heather Kirby of Kawartha Lakes Food Source, and Lorrie Polito of A Place Called Home worked collectively to organize and host four meals.  “Our goal was to reach out to the recipients to let them know that we are thinking of them.” Each host agreed, “We wanted to support connections in the community that would help them move forward.  And we wanted to help create a sense of community about the situation they all find themselves in.”

The hosts would like to thank the many volunteers that came out to help prepare and serve the meal. A special thank you to Mikael’s Café for donating buns each meal. This truly was “Community Supporting Community.”

*Pictured, L to R, Lorrie Polito, Heather Kirby, Janet Rodin.

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