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Lindsay’s Tim Hortons not willing to talk about wages, employee incentives

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Lindsay's Tim Hortons not willing to talk about wages, employee incentives
We continue to talk about Tim Hortons as if it’s a Canadian company. It is not. In 2014, there was a $12.5-billion takeover of Tim Hortons by Brazilian-based 3G Capital.

Last week’s national headlines were dominated by the Tim Hortons brand. Not surprising.

In nearby Cobourg, the owners of the local Tim Hortons there (who just happen to be Ron Joyce Jr., son of Tim Hortons co-founder Ron Joyce, and Jeri-Lynn Horton-Joyce, daughter of Tim Horton) decided they could no longer afford to pay staff for workday breaks.

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King Albert: Lindsay school works with community to overcome income barriers

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King Albert Public School Principal, Dean Burke, with some of the items received for Christmas donations.

Part Two. This year, Statistics Canada has released new data on the social and economic well-being of cities and towns across Canada. This is part two in a series about Lindsay’s 12 lowest income neighbourhood zones and how they are coping in a challenging economic environment. To read Part One go here.

This is a story about a community coming together to fight an all-too-common scourge – the fact that incomes are too low to meet people’s needs.

Call it poverty. Call it scarcity. It doesn’t much matter.

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