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Democracy: Go do what much of the world wishes it could do

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L to R: Andrea Horvath, NDP leader, Doug Ford, PC leader, Mike Schreiner, Green Party leader, Kathleen Wynne, Liberal leader.

Voting, like almost everything else that takes time and effort, is very easy to talk yourself out of doing.

The most persuasive and pervasive justification of abstinence from the democratic process is the belief that a single vote means very little. My vote, your vote, and your mom’s vote likely won’t change an election.

Thankfully, however, I am young. I haven’t been around long enough for political cynicism to take root.

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Libertarian candidate says government at all levels has become too big

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Is Queen's Park itself the problem? Gene Balfour says yes. "Libertarians...are..."defenders" against all other political parties who continue to expand the state."

Lindsay Advocate Publisher Roderick Benns will be interviewing all provincial candidates in the Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock riding in the coming days. Today, we speak with the Libertarian candidate Gene Balfour.

Benns: As you see it, what are three of the top issues in this provincial election?

Balfour: As I see it, there is one main issue from which many other issues arise. The main issue is that Ontario voters have allowed our governments at all levels to become too big.

To substantiate this statement, I offer five metrics to consider:

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