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New chief of police says ‘social conditions’ important to consider in policing

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As Inspector Mark Mitchell gets set to become Kawartha Lakes Police Service’s newest chief, he says it’s important to consider the broad factors of community wellness when it comes to policing.

The Kawartha Lakes Police Services Board just announced that Mitchell will succeed current Chief John Hagarty in August, who is set to retire then.

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Hospice core training: A volunteer opportunity

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Hospice Core Training: A volunteer opportunity

Caring and compassion have always been trademark qualities of the many people who volunteer with the Community Care Health and Care Network’s Hospice Services.

The organization is offering the chance for new volunteers to get involved with helping to ease the journey of local residents facing serious illness, end of life, and grief and bereavement.

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Visitor restrictions expanded at Ross Memorial in wake of outbreak

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Walk of Life focuses on women and heart disease

The Ross Memorial Hospital has expanded visitor restrictions to include the first floor of the Continuing Care Program after several patients and staff members have become ill with what is suspected to be Norovirus.

Symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps and headache.

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How do we deal with poverty? Local MP says ‘free market’ shows the way

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How do we deal with poverty? Local MP says 'free market' shows the way
MP Jamie Schmale: "We should not focus on income inequality but on wealth creating policies."

Lindsay Advocate Publisher Roderick Benns recently interviewed local MP Jamie Schmale on how we should be dealing with poverty in Kawartha Lakes.

Benns: What’s the best way to fight poverty in our communities? And if the answer is good jobs, why have we never, ever, under any government of any political stripe been able to fight poverty effectively?

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Faster, higher, stronger: The life of Lindsay’s Kyung-Ae Lee

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Faster, higher, stronger: The life of Lindsay's Kyung-Ae Lee

Citius, Altius, Fortius ( “Faster, Higher, Stronger”)

Olympic Motto

Maybe, like me, as you watched the glorious spectacle that was the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, you had questions like these: What goes into becoming an elite athlete? Once athletes retire, how do the next chapters in their lives play out? What role does culture play in shaping athletes?

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Books that matter (to librarians); what books matter to you?

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From L to R: Sara Walker, Colleen McGregor, Marieke Junkin, Elizabeth Beauparlant.
  1. Every reader their book.
  2. Every book its reader.

From S.R. Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science (1931)

Sure, libraries have lots more than books to offer these days — everything from digital magazines to gardening workshops. But books remain the beating heart of every collection and the mission of librarians is still, as it was for Ranganathan, to be a matchmaker between books and readers.

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Lindsay’s attractions: Then and now, let us ‘count our blessings’

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Lindsay’s attractions: Then and now, let us 'count our blessings'
Downtown Lindsay in the old days.

Earlier this year, a story appeared in the pages of the local press revealing that the City of Kawartha Lakes ranked eighty-fourth on a list of “2018 millennial hotspots” compiled by a real estate think tank based in Saskatchewan.

Many residents were bemused by this story, with the municipality’s acting Director of Economic Development quoted in Kawartha Lakes This Week as asking “what on Earth are we doing on this list?”

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Mayor says Community Care could not have been used for transportation grant money

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Mayor says Community Care could not have been used for transportation grant money
A Community Care specialized van. Photo courtesy of Community Care.

City of Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham says he absolutely wants Community Care to be a part of any future rural transportation plan – but they were not viable partners for a grant opportunity recently turned down by the City.

Some eyebrows were raised recently when City of Kawartha Lakes council turned down the chance to apply for up to $2 million in provincial grant funding for rural transit.

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What the Pluck? Lindsay’s Common Grounds finds common cause with artisan tea maker

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What the Pluck? Lindsay’s Common Grounds finds common cause with artisan tea maker
Jake Norris, owner of Common Grounds and Pita Pantry.

The owner of an independent specialty coffee shop in Kawartha Lakes, Common Grounds, is embracing a plucky tea upstart — becoming the exclusive provider of these teas in Lindsay.

Pluck Teas has been capturing the imagination of Toronto’s restaurant scene based on the tea founder’s vision of premium tea leaves sourced from ethical growers around the world.

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Pop-up exhibits by museum break new ground in educational programming

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Pop-up exhibits by museum break new ground in educational programming
Don Hart (representing the exhibit's sponsor G. Hart and Sons Well Drilling), Ruth Barrett (daughter of Charles Lytle, the focus of the exhibit) and Lisa Hart.

When the Olde Gaol Museum recently created a pop-up education exhibit that would travel to schools, it was a break in format for the museum that they hope will breathe new life into local history.

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