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Advocates for health care anxious about timing of Ross Memorial’s ‘special legislation’

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Advocates for health care anxious about timing of Ross Memorial’s ‘special legislation’

With recent ‘merger memories’ still top of mind, Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition (KLHC) members are alarmed over the future of Ross Memorial Hospital after reading the public notice about new special legislation initiated by Ross near the same time as the passing of the PC’s omnibus Bill 74.

KLHC formed soon after the Lindsay Advocate released a feature analysis last year that showed mergers rarely work out well for the smaller hospital, usually leading to less services offered, and nor do they work well as a cost-saving exercise. A huge community outcry followed and KLHC and its supporters were able to blunt the momentum toward any merger.

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Kawartha Lakes Food Source introduces new platform for food rescue in Lindsay

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A new initiative in Lindsay will address the avoidable crisis of food waste at the local level, with a dual mission of hunger relief and environmental protection.

“The Kawartha Lakes Food Source recognizes that we need to change the way food is valued throughout production, processing, distribution, retail, and at home,” says Heather Kirby, general manager of Kawartha Lakes Food Source.

“Food waste accounts for nearly 60 per cent of the industry’s environmental footprint, and most of it is completely avoidable.”

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City loses $620,000 for licensed childcare in PC cuts; more kids for less staff expected

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More than $620,000 in funding has been lost to the City of Kawartha Lakes for licensed childcare spaces due to cuts from the provincial PC government.

Within that pot, nearly $258,000 was for general allocation funding. This money is used for child care fee subsidies for low-income families and general operating costs.

The remaining amount, more than $360,000 is being eliminated through cost sharing changes. In what was once a 100 per cent boost from the Province, it is now a forced 80-20 cost-sharing agreement between Province and Municipality. This includes reductions in the administration allowances (from 10 per cent down to 5 per cent).

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Summer coding camps back in Kawartha Lakes

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Pinnguaq is bringing their ‘Learn to Code Camp’ to the Kawartha Lakes once again. Throughout the summer, Pinnguaq will be hosting various Code Camps in Lindsay and surrounding areas, that focuses on technology and fun.

These camps will provide youth with an opportunity to learn new skills and develop a new creative outlet to share their stories. We will be combining both online and offline activities so attendees can get the full tech experience while enjoying the summer sun.

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Scott announces $71 million to improve broadband access, cell coverage

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MPP Laurie Scott, right, standing, with members of Kawartha Lakes City Council, including Mayor Andy Letham, to the left of Scott.

The Ontario government is investing $71 million to improve mobile broadband and reliable cellular coverage across eastern Ontario, through the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN).

The project will help residents, visitors and businesses get the broadband and cellular connections they need no matter where they are in the region.

About 10 per cent of rural eastern Ontario has no mobile broadband connection, leading to dropped calls, missed emergency services and a lack of opportunity.

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A bug’s life: Braden Evans’ fascination with insects passed on to Fleming students

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It was a pie chart he was shown as an undergraduate biology student at Guelph that convinced Braden Evans he should focus on insects. The chart showed all animal species. The tiniest of slivers represented the 5,416 species of mammals; another sliver showed the 10,000 species of birds. Most of the pie? Insects. Close to a million species.

Insects, he learned, were everywhere, equipped to occupy every conceivable ecological niche by an astounding variety of adaptations.

Which is the perfect segue . . . because Braden himself has found a niche for which he is perfectly adapted: teaching in Fleming College’s Ecosystems Management Program.

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Lindsay’s Pinnguaq wins Smart Cities Challenge $10 million prize

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Lindsay’s Pinnguaq wins Smart Cities Challenge $10 million prize
Pinnguaq has grown to act as the major provider of technological education and digital exposure in Nunavut.

Lindsay’s Pinnguaq Association, in collaboration with the Nunavut Association of Municipalities (NAM), and the Embrace Life Council and Qaujigiartiit Health Research, has won one of two $10 million prizes through the Canadian government’s Smart Cities Challenge.

The Advocate caught up with Ryan Oliver, director of Pinnguaq, shortly after their prize was accepted in Ottawa. Would there be any benefit to Lindsay and area as well, we wanted to know.

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Summer in Fenelon Falls looks to be exciting in 2019

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Summer in Fenelon Falls looks to be exciting in 2019
Fenelon Falls will be a busy place this summer. Photo: Geoff Coleman.

What’s going on in Fenelon Falls this summer? What’s not going might be a better question.

June 8 sees the Kawartha Yarn and Fibre Festival return to the village after a wildly successful inaugural year that saw more than 1,000 attendees at the one day show. Moving to bigger digs at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre, the Festival provides a showcase for small businesses and farms to connect directly with artisans and makers who are passionate about their work. For 2019, they offer an expanded selection of 80 vendors and 20 classes.

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Kawartha Lakes reviews long term plan for arenas

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At an evening Committee of the Whole meeting on May 9 at the Little Britain Arena and Community Centre, Council considered the long term plan for arena capital requirements.

Craig Shanks, Director of Community Services, recapped staff recommendations to Council that include $11.7 million of capital investment over the next 10 years. All costs have been included in the municipality’s long-term financial plan.

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Blame Wynne for some of the doctor shortages Kawartha Lakes is facing

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Blame Wynne for some of the doctor shortages that Kawartha Lakes facing

The family doctor shortage in Kawartha Lakes, and the rest of the country, might not be so bad today if the previous provincial Liberal government had done things differently in 2015.

In Ontario, after a medical student graduates, they don’t immediately start a practice. First, they must complete a residency where they train with established physicians for at least two years and up to four years depending on the discipline.

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