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Reflections on the economy-ecology paradox

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Reflections on the economy-ecology paradox

In the 1960s, the inescapable logic of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock left an indelible mark on some TV viewers, including myself. “There are always alternatives,” he dead-panned in one episode, despite the fact that he and the starship crew were in the midst of a crisis that looked like certain doom.

Rachel Carson had just published “Silent Spring,” and started the environmental movement. Since then, the times have been a changin’ but they don’t seem to be a changin’ fast enough to put the brakes on the slow-motion ecological train wreck we appear to be the passengers on, and hear about with daily headlines.

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An inconvenient column: Local climate change educators walk the talk

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An inconvenient column: Local climate change educators walk the talk
Deborah Pearson, left, Ginny Colling, right. Ardent environmentalists who think globally and act locally.

When I meet with Deborah Pearson and Ginny Colling it’s over herbal tea and Mickael’s day-olds, and their only pressing deadline is a sleep yoga workshop, starting in an hour-and-a-half.

So, after busy professional careers — for Deborah 30 years of elementary school teaching (mostly with the Trillium Board, but also in Canada’s sub-arctic and in Europe), and for Ginny 29 years teaching Journalism and Public Relations at Durham College  — this is the retirement lifestyle that fills their days?

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Ryan Alexander: It’s about quality of life at all stages of life

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Ryan Alexander: It's about quality of life at all stages of life

Death is an uncomfortable subject. Many of us shy away from talking about it.  Not Ryan Alexander, though: as Manager of Hospice Services he’s given the end-stages of life lots of thought.

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Community Dental Clinic provides affordable dentistry for all ages

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The $38 million problem as election campaign begins

April is traditionally known as Oral Health Month in Canada. It’s just one of the times of year when the Community Care Health & Care Network strives to educate local residents about dental health services available through the organization’s Community Dental Clinic.

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Rural transportation as social right and economic investment

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Rural transportation as social right and economic investment

“Need a lift?” Anyone living – or growing up – in the Kawartha Lakes knows this question well. In fact, it is part of our daily life and local culture.

But transportation is most often seen as only a “big city” service. Nothing could be further from the truth. Public transportation actually means more in our rural communities.

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The potholes of Kawartha Lakes: It’s a big City out there

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We have over 1,800 km of surfaced road to repair and only 38,444 households to pay for repairing those roads. (Photo: Editor 5807).

“I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in, and stops my mind from wondering where it will go”

— The Beatles, “Fixing a Hole”

A couple months back, I was actually listening to “Fixing a Hole,” grooving on that psychedelic pop classic, driving eastbound on Colborne St., crossing Angeline St. I passed a cop and she gave me a good long look — as well she should, because I either looked impaired or like I was pretending to be a NASCAR driver warming up my tires.

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Aging in Kawartha Lakes: Challenge and Opportunity

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This is part one of six in a series about aging in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

I’ve had the privilege to call Lindsay my home from as far back as I can remember. Like many home-grown kids from a small town, the primary goal was to leave this community at the first opportunity – and that’s what I did. I did so not knowing that one day I would be back in our area to raise my own family and once again call Lindsay home.

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‘A whole chapter is nearly over:’ How Lindsay lost its train service 

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'A whole chapter is nearly over:' How Lindsay lost its train service 

Newly-fallen autumn leaves blow across the vacant yards as the call of cicadas echo from east to west. A gentleman climbs up on top of a barren platform, his young son in tow. They gaze across the concrete, once humming with activity but now quiet. Weeds poke through ignominious cracks in the surface. Keep Reading

Generosity, justice and the basic income guarantee

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I was talking about the basic income guarantee to a couple of friends and one of them commented on how the fundraising done for local agencies such as the food bank, the school nutrition program, or the heat bank brings the community together. She was right; events that raise money for important causes do foster community.

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