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Generosity, justice and the basic income guarantee

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I was talking about the basic income guarantee to a couple of friends and one of them commented on how the fundraising done for local agencies such as the food bank, the school nutrition program, or the heat bank brings the community together. She was right; events that raise money for important causes do foster community.

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Hospice core training: A volunteer opportunity

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Hospice Core Training: A volunteer opportunity

Caring and compassion have always been trademark qualities of the many people who volunteer with the Community Care Health and Care Network’s Hospice Services.

The organization is offering the chance for new volunteers to get involved with helping to ease the journey of local residents facing serious illness, end of life, and grief and bereavement.

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Faster, higher, stronger: The life of Lindsay’s Kyung-Ae Lee

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Faster, higher, stronger: The life of Lindsay's Kyung-Ae Lee

Citius, Altius, Fortius ( “Faster, Higher, Stronger”)

Olympic Motto

Maybe, like me, as you watched the glorious spectacle that was the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, you had questions like these: What goes into becoming an elite athlete? Once athletes retire, how do the next chapters in their lives play out? What role does culture play in shaping athletes?

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Books that matter (to librarians); what books matter to you?

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From L to R: Sara Walker, Colleen McGregor, Marieke Junkin, Elizabeth Beauparlant.
  1. Every reader their book.
  2. Every book its reader.

From S.R. Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science (1931)

Sure, libraries have lots more than books to offer these days — everything from digital magazines to gardening workshops. But books remain the beating heart of every collection and the mission of librarians is still, as it was for Ranganathan, to be a matchmaker between books and readers.

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Fleming College attracts student from India who may now want to grow roots in Canada

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Randeep Kush at Hill’s Florist & Greenhouses, Lindsay.

If you drop in to Hill’s Florist & Greenhouses, a family business with deep local roots and extensive community connections, you might meet up with a comparatively recent transplant from India. His name is Randeep Kush.

Randeep is acting as Roger Hill’s greenhouse supervisor, so it’s somewhere in that 25,000 square foot space you’d be most likely to find him.

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The flu shot: Let’s work together in herd-like fashion

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The flu shot: Let's work together in herd-like fashion
Columnist Denis Grignon (definitely not pictured above) is as loyal to the flu shot as he is with mayo and certain kinds of sandwiches.

I get the flu shot every year. Without fail. I’m loyal to it, the way I’m loyal administering only mayonnaise – never mustard – on any sandwich that includes lettuce.

Yes, administering. It’s a precise process, that. Too much and it seeps off the edges. Too little and I may as well get a fake sandwich at Tim’s.

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Canadian Armed Forces takes mental health approach we could all use

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Four techniques have improved the mental health of athletes, soldiers and first-responders. Photo credit: National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.

To become an elite level athlete it’s a conventional belief that you need to train.

Professional athletes, for instance, dedicate hours of their day to weight training, cardio work and flexibility. When we think about athletes that have reached the pinnacle of their profession, we often don’t realize that a large part of their journey has been a mental one.

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The Yazdanis: Three generations of Lindsay family with Iranian roots

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Three generations of community-minded family who have roots in Iran.

Three generations of a family with Iranian roots.

Three different  experiences of Lindsay. If you don’t already know them, meet the Yazdanis.

Helen and Khosrow

Let’s start in the middle, with Helen and Khosrow, who are in their late 50s and have been in Lindsay for over 30 years. I talked with them over tea and cinnamon-scented Noon Youkhe pastries in their home.

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Armchair sports in Kawartha Lakes

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Columnist Jamie Morris staying safe while reading a sports classic.

With round-the -clock coverage of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and a recent visit from the Stanley Cup (courtesy of the Kawartha Museum and Art Gallery) sports are on our minds.

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